Ludvig Wernstedt


Mr. Ludvig Wernstedt was born 1983 in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, and was adopted by his swedish parents to Sweden in the early 1984. 

He was raised in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and lived there for over 30 years. In 2016 mr. Wernstedt officially moved to Kronoberg county in southern part of Sweden together with his wife.

Mr. Wernstedt has dedicated his life to safety and security work in different forms and shapes. He is an educated and trained Safety and Security specialist and were 2008-2010 a part of Academedia Masters managment team as representative for the Security engineer students of class 2008. Mr. Wernstedt worked non-profitable 2010-2013 as a member of the ASIS International Chapter 197 Sweden. He received the ASIS International Chapter 197 Swedens 2012 years scholarship for his volunteer efforts and was a board member 2012-2013. 

In 2010 he started his own firm, Adjustica and worked as a Safety and Security consultant to support public and privat organisations. In 2013 was Adjustica temporarily registered as an inactive company to the authorities by mr. Wernstedt due to a new safety and security employment.

Mr. Wernstedt appreciate spending time with friends and family and love to cook good food and create an relaxing atmosphere when he is off duty. To enjoy a nice evening at home with good music or a good movie is also something that mr. Wernstedt puts a high value to. As a person he is social, calm and curious and likes to explore new subjects and environments. He loves animals, children and beauty in all forms and shapes. To take a walk in the nature and register all impressions is a privilege that mr. Wernstedt tries to prioritize a few times a week.


Photographer: S. Wernstedt, 2011

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